Welcome to Hardtails Bar & Grill

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Welcome to Hardtails Bar & Grill

We have live music every Thursday, Friday & Saturday
See Below for More Info!


Our Special & Weekly Events

All Day Happy Hour
Monday through Friday
11am to 7pm

$2.25 Domestic Bottle Beer
$3.00 All Well Drinks
$2.25 Domestic Pints

Bloody Mary Buffet

Every Sunday until 2pm

Pool Tournament

Every Sunday

Free Pool

Every single Tuesday there is!


Wednesdays starts at 8pm

Be sure to check out the backyard page with OUTDOOR concert listings!!!

Outdoor Concerts, Events & Tickets

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Crawfish Boil

Sunday, May 22

Brandon Rhyder

Saturday, May 14

Bands Include:
Rusting Vegas, Buster, Violence of The Sun, Bandido Fox


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